About Us

   Fat Head Solutions provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), developers and operators of small unmanned aerial systems a low cost, high value, and complete integration of the major subsystems, sensor, and payloads.



"Providing low cost, high value, and complete, subsystem solutions for small unmanned aerial systems."


What We Sell

  • Camera Solutions for Small Unmanned Helicopters

  • - We offer Commercial off the shelf (COTS) Camera and Camcorder Solutions that allow for remote control of shutter/zoom/pan/tilt/view/record
  • - We also offer Small Gimbal EO/IR Mounting Solutions with full wire harness integration into off the shelf autopilot and gimbal camera systems.
  • - Our Camera Solutions include everything that is required to begin your payload operational mission with your customers or to meet your own research and development needs.  Simply specify which camera options you want in our main product list and we will deliver the vibration isolated mount, control hardware, power harnesses, and camera as a turn-key solution ready to quickly install on your small helicopter. 


  • Landing Skid Solutions for small unmanned helicopters

  • - Rugged and reliable landing skid solutions
  • - Our field tested and proven landing skid systems can be ordered for both your small and larger helicopter systems.


  • Video Systems

  • - Complete solutions for transmitting, receiving, and processing video
  • - Our video systems include the on aircraft digital or analog transmitter, antenna, power, mounting and packaging solution for your small Unmanned System. 
  • - We also provide a complete portable video receiving and viewing system that can be enabled to record your video on the ground.


  • Power Solutions for small unmanned systems

  • - Main Power distribution system
  • - Voltage regulation systems of sensors and servos
  • - Power ground charging and generation systems
  • - Just marry up one of our sensor or camera solutions with our on aircraft power harness and you will have everything you need to quickly integrate and deploy.


  • Sensor Solutions for small unmanned systems

  • - Antenna Mount Assemblies
  • - Compass Assembly
  • - Rotor Head RPM Sensor Assemblies
  • - Laser Altimeter Systems
  • - Autopilot Mount Assemblies
  • - RTK DGPS Processing Assembly
  • - Our turn-key sensor solutions include everything you need to quickly integrate to your aircraft, including the sensor, the packaging, vibration mount for your small helicopter.  All of our sensor solutions have years of field flight-testing that has resulted in the lowest cost, lowest weight, best value, most reliable sensor on the market.


Autopilot Wire Harness

We offer a license and product sell of our main autopilot Wire harness.  This harness comes fully ready to plug and play with all our sensor solutions, including connector compatibility, shrink rapped and protection wire sheathing.   If you are interested in obtaining this custom harness, contact us for a quote on the product and license pricing.